Mark Maciver picked up his nickname, Slider, in his youth as a North London MC/rapper . He later put down the mic and professionally picked up the clippers. His name has remained and now makes up the title of his barbering business 'SliderCuts'

Practising as a barber for over 10 years, Mark Maciver/Slidercuts is based in D&L's Barbershop in Holloway. With an impressive client list, including many high-profile names, his reputation as one of London's finest barbers continues to grow.


Slider has got it covered, whether it's a fade, shape-up, pattern or scissor-cut. Whether you're African-Caribbean, Asian, European, Arabic, small, big, young, old, male or female, he has cut it and can cut it.



Check out Slider's social media pages where you can find the latest up-to- date information in the world of SliderCuts. New haircuts and videos displaying his barbering skills are regularly posted.
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Slider's main aim is to make clients feel special and able to entrust the care of their hair into his hands. 

Impartial in his treatment of his clients, Slider values each client as an individual with unique wishes that he is determined to meet. 

Slider is there to listen, to give advice and to provide a personal one-on-one relationship with the client that makes the whole barbering experience more than just a hair-cut.




















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