We are always interested to hear from Senior Barbers, Junior Barbers AND Hairdressers. If you are interested in working at SliderCuts Studios, please submit your information using the form below. We will keep hold of your details and, should a position become available, we will get in touch with you.

Please note: we are unable to accept attachments via this form so will look to see examples of your work on your social media pages.


Are you a young person looking for mentorship? Do you know a young person in need of a positive environment and role models to be around? If so, our runner scheme is exactly what you need.

Our runner scheme supports young people by giving them the opportunity to work in a positive environment under the guidance and mentorship of Mark Maciver and the SliderCuts team.

Available to those aged 13-16, we provide a safe space for these young people, helping them to stay out of trouble at a time that often proves to be one of the most crucial for young people in our community.

Generally working on Saturdays, runners will experience life in a busy barbershop, working in a strong, supportive environment and picking up valuable life skills that will help them through school and beyond.

Runners don’t need to have an interest in becoming a barber but, if they do, they’ll be at an advantage as they’ll have the opportunity to pick up tricks of the trade that’ll help them pursue a barbering career.

Runners will be paid a small nominal fee.

Length: Varies.

Location: SliderCuts Studios


From trainee to junior to senior barber, our apprenticeship scheme is intended to mentor aspiring barbers, while providing them with the necessary training and skills needed in both barbering and business.

The SliderCuts apprenticeship scheme aims to support young people by teaching them the craft of barbering, and helping them to develop a skill set into a successful, long lasting career.

Apprentices also take on the role of a runner, supporting the running of the shop by undertaking various tasks such as sweeping up, banking money, emptying bins etc. Apprentices are expected to take responsibility of their own learning, continually studying the senior barbers in the shop as well as learning from home, for example by watching YouTube videos.

The apprenticeship scheme is perfect for those seeking a long term training programme that gives them hands on experience.

Length: Varies.

Location: SliderCuts Studios

Cost: Free


The SliderCuts Masterclass explores the fundamentals of successful barbering and business. This session is good to give you key tips and tricks on both the barbering and business side of things. You won’t cut hair in this masterclass, but you will gain valuable insight.

We hold masterclasses a few times a year. If you’d like to be kept informed of upcoming ones, submit your details below and we’ll add you to the relevant mailing list.

Length: Varies.

Location: SliderCuts Studios

Cost: £150 – £300


The SliderCuts Mini Masterclass takes some of the topics covered in the masterclass and explores them in much greater depth. Each mini masterclass focuses on one specific topic such as how to do a skin fade or how to effectively use social media.

Mark created the mini masterclass to provide a more affordable option for people that may not be able to attend the masterclass, as well as as an option for those interested in specific subjects.

If there’s a particular topic you need support with or want to focus on developing, the mini masterclass is perfect for you.

If there’s a particular subject you’d like Mark to cover in the mini masterclass, whether barbering or business related, please let us know using the contact form below. The more demand there is for a subject, the more likely Mark will hold a masterclass on that.

Mini masterclasses take place on an evening between Tuesday – Thursday.

Length: 2 – 3 hours

Location: SliderCuts Studios

Cost: £50


A lot of time people learn by watching through a screen. Our shadowing sessions allow you to build on that experience by coming down to watch Mark in person.

This is an observational session; you won’t cut hair, but you’ll get the opportunity to get up close and personal as you watch Mark while he works. You will be able to ask him as many questions as you like throughout the day to help take your learning forward. You’ll also get 30 minutes over lunch to speak with him one on one while he’s not working.

Length: 1 day (8 hours)

Location: SliderCuts Studios

Cost: £250